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Transformational Change Programs


by Eduardo Balarezo

Are you where you want to be in life?

There is more in us than we know

Join my next expedition and find out.


1. MIND your choices

We  were born with amazing abilities for leadership, creativity, inovation, teamwork and compassion. Let me help you tap into these innate traits and raise your self-awareness to reconnect with others, as well as, your surroundings.

2. SHIFT your thinking

Mental models frame our decision-making operating system. Let me help you understand and transition from linear into circular and more dynamic ways of thinking.

3. IMPACT your world

Action defines us; however there is not one future but rather alternative futures to choose from. Let me share with you how to overcome fear and  find the courage to reach your preferred future.

Eduardo Balarezo

Expeditionary Leader

Expeditionary leadership, experiential learning, executive coaching, transformational change program

Eduardo Balarezo is a former financier, business executive and social entrepreneur who currently leads MIND SHIFT IMPACT. Eduardo  focuses his expertise in systems thinking, alternative futures and adventure learning to design Expeditionary Leadership Programs in helping individuals achieve meaningful personal and professional transitions in today’s Impact Economy. 



Eduardo is also a recognized social entrepreneur and founder of the retail brand Lonesome George & Co.. He has channeled his passion for business, adventure learning and social impact to teach youth about courage and compassion founding and developing Academy of Agents of Change. As a recognized social innovator, Eduardo was nominated as a remarkable individual and included as the 100 “Visionary Leaders" list in 2015 by Real Leaders publication. Eduardo is an expeditionary leader and conservation advocate;  2016 TEDx Speaker and has served as Outward Bound International Board Member.

Human Being


Eduardo holds a BA from Brown University; MS in Foresight and Strategic Thinking from UHCL and an Global Executive Programme from IESE-Wharton-CEIBS. Eduardo currently lives in South Florida with his wife and four children.


TEDx Talk on how I used MIND SHIFT IMPACT to inspire young individuals to kick start transformational change  initiatives in their communities.


"Eduardo Balarezo is the mind behind Mind Shift Impact and if you are looking for a catalyst to bring change to your life and to your perspective on things look no further. You will be blown away by Eduardo's charm, positive energy and can do attitude. He will help you look at life in a way you cannot even imagine to give you the tools to unleash your true potential. Eduardo is a deeply intuitive, caring person and a true professional."

B. Redi 

Grunenthal  Group

Head  of  Digital and Corporate Communication

My experience with Mind Shift Impact  (MSI) was one of those which marks your life and adds a piece to your wholeness." 

"I reached out to Eduardo through a dear friend and mentor and immediately felt drawn to his philosophical but practical way of approaching human relationships, conservation and unorthodox thinking."

"The Mind Shift Impact (MSI) program helped to open my mind through deep understanding of myself, purpose and direction I should take in creating Hungler. MSI does not “do it for you”, MSI helps you find you. It helped me create Hungler and materialize its identity without wavering to its original purpose and function while staying curious to new ideas. MSI is an essential part of my building of Hungler and because of it, my persistence to see it flourish is relentless."

F. Bergaz Pessino


CEO and Founder